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The Best Types of Software to Use

Is your organization using collaboration software? Specific types of software will help people share interests and activities in achieving business goals. Choose the best type.

Tools to Manage Across Biz Units
Collaboration Tools Spotlight10

Business Apps Integrate with Gmail

Are you jumping from one app to another to keep information up-to-date? Now you can harness the usability of your business apps integrated with Gmail.

What is Presencing?

It is important to understand presencing involves seeing differently through our own capacity as well as the work we do with others.

Sococo Virtual Office Space

How does Sococo work? In simplest terms, the physical workplace is now a virtual workspace that you colocate with coworkers and people you do business with.

Project Apps for Fast Track Teams

Fast-track teams rely on decisive action so project apps must offer clear-cut solutions.These five types of project apps are most beneficial to get the job done.

Humorous and Clever Intranet Names

Names that company intranets are adopting have a lot more meaning than meets the eye. Deeper goals unlock a sharing community and team spirit.

Asking the Right Questions for Better Relationships and Results

Asking the right questions that help to share your feelings and ideas suggest there is a dual purpose in balancing better relationships and results.

Designing a Collaborative Culture Statement

How to write a culture statement that includes leadership, values, and collaborative relations.

Two Heads are Better Than One: From Sesame Street to Shared Leadership

We learn about collaboration at a young age. Class projects, group discussions, and Sesame Street give us many ideas and make reference to why two heads are better than one.

Social Learning: How to Accelerate Knowledge for Specialized Groups

The distinct advantages to create your own social learning programs are to discuss current hot topics, encourage working relationships among different groups, and cultivate open content platforms.

Note Taking Apps to Share Notes with Others Anywhere

Note taking apps have grown from basic reminder lists to more advanced digital notebooks for collaborative group projects. See these apps and ideas what you can do in notes with others.

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