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Socialtext Keeps On Innovating for the Future of Enterprise Social Software



For Socialtext - It’s the Whole Social Enchilada:

Socialtext has been around the block, from its early design as a mass collaboration wiki in 2002 to the full blown enterprise social software platform where it is today. In conversation with Michael Idinopulos, general manager, he said, "I like to think of Socialtext as the whole social enchilada. We are one of the few social applications with everything." Blogs, wikis, social networking, and its Socialtext Connect enterprise integrations are the new norm on desktop or mobile devices.

Recently, Socialtext acquired investment capital from Bedford Funding and a partner relationship with Peoplefluent™, a leading Talent Management solutions provider. In light of its new relationship with Peoplefluent, Indinopulos said, "Social software deployment requires that it integrates the daily flow of our work lives. We are focusing on real productivity solutions that integrate well with the flow of work."

Socialtext already demonstrates how its customers are working more productively on a day-to-day basis. For example, SE Railway station engineers and conductors in London carry 600,000 passengers a day, are using Socialtext on a Blackberry. And assembly workers in Twinsberg, Ohio are taking advantage of Socialtext messaging on an iPad in real-time as they go through their machine runs.

Understanding where Socialtext has been and its new directions in mobile and specific productivity solutions mark the next stages of development.

Inner Workings of Socialtext:

Indinopulos described a new vision he is leading ties in with the stability of the past that will bring businesses into a modern era of social collaboration.

People Profiles. The difference between Socialtext's People profiles from other software is the setup using required fields, which sets a standard for required data elements in managing information resources throughout.

Peoplefluent Partner. The talent management solutions of Peoplefluent will have a complementary effect of a social application layer on areas such as on-boarding and the overall talent lifecycle.

Integrations. The Google OpenSocial Gadget integrates any number of widgets and applications you may want to access for sharing data on Socialtext. Socialtext provides a REST API, along with .NET wrapper. Pluggable directory services are available for LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. Valuable connectors to other enterprise systems facilitate integration with Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Connections.

Signals Microblogging. Signals is much like Twitter but contained to your private network. Collin Sebastian, product marketing manager mentions Signals usage for calling out things that are important and promoting a culture of good work. Signals can be the communication vehicle to keep your network informed.

Widgetized Dashboard. Users can add, change, and move widgets, and unlike other software, does not require an administrator to customize the dashboard. Popular widgets include use of Signals, news, RSS feeds, and Youtube video. Useful widgets for collaborative applications include wikis that are native to Socialtext, but you can also add your own widgets using the OpenSocial standards.

Wiki and SocialCalc Pages. Web based text documents and spreadsheets called Wiki Page and SocialCalc Page, also a wiki, enable teams to collaborate and signal changes as they occur. The editing tools also enable uploading files to develop document libraries and links visible from these pages.

Why People Use Socialtext - The Success Stories:

Understanding software usage can be beneficial through the eyes and ears of other organizations, particularly when you have to consider the scope and scale of the product. Several examples can demonstrate why and how specific types of social collaboration platforms can have far reaching effects.

Nationwide Social Intranet. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with 8,000 employees from home office to nationwide field offices, had to communicate through walls of knowledge silos. HUD’s new social intranet platform, dubbed HUDConnect, enables visibility to project plans to prevents duplicate work on the same project and also they found sharing knowledge and ideas overall are improving employee efficiency.

Enterprise Microblogging. Meredith Corporation is a 110-year old media and marketing company with familiar household brands, Parents and Better Homes and Gardens. Meredith’s 3,330 employees found collaborative solutions in distributed online spreadsheets to roll up data across multiple campaigns in real-time, activated by microblogging across organizational units to get answers and make decisions faster.

R&D Online Forum. General Motor’s Advanced Research Division hosts a semi-annual research symposium for researchers to showcase their work, from electronics to powertrains, but not everyone can attend. GM’s main idea is to bring researchers together from around the world in an R&D online forum to help them develop partner relationships and collaborate on new research and projects.

Pricing and Cloud Solutions:

Socialtext pricing begins at $9 per user on a monthly basis and the company offers volume discounts. The customer success team will manage your deployment, and custom integration is available.

Cloud solutions include the public cloud offering, Socialtext Cloud in either single-tenant or multi-tenant hosting. On-site solutions include a Private Cloud that will reside behind your firewall in an appliance box you hook into your data center or VMware virtualization package.

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