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Zendesk’s New Social Channels for Customer Support Engagement

Customer Support through Social Media, Knowledge Base, and Partners


Zendesk, inc.

Zendesk Investor Financing Helps Grow the Company:

Zendesk, the cloud-based customer support and help desk management tool has a lot to celebrate since its founding in 2007. Recently Zendesk received $60 million in new financing from several investors to help grow the company, which is indicative of a solid plan for growth.

Affordably priced, Zendesk can nimbly set up a professional customer support function as well as enable more advanced automation requirements for enterprise services.

Social and speed are two burgeoning factors to satisfy customers today. Zendesk offers the ability to communicate with customers in social media to solve problems and expand your company's reach to keep customers coming back.

Best Uses of Zendesk:

Utilization of social media for customer service and support. One in five customers have reported using social media channels to obtain customer service response that potentially represents 20 percent of responses your company doesn't want to miss.

Knowledge base creation. Well developed knowledge bases provide a first level support tool, including forums, articles, and FAQs.

Sharing support tickets with business partners. Supply chain partners can now answer support questions to help increase the response time, the holy grail of help desk benchmarks for reliability and customer satisfaction.

How Zendesk Works:

Multiple ways to engage with customers. Zendesk provides multiple touchpoints to reach customers through your website, email, chat, voice, Twitter and Facebook. Customer visibility through social media is growing, where a reported 50 percent of customers using social media, are turning to your Twitter presence for customer support. Zendesk can also provide a means to convert tweets to tickets, which the company calls twickets.

Web portal. From your website, you will want customers to have one or several support forums as well as access to support request forms. The support request becomes the actual Zendesk ticket in your system, whereas the forums gives visitors or customers information about your products and services. You can implement a monitored self-serve support and community learning channel through how to articles, FAQs and other knowledge base content.

Why build a knowledge base? Building and adding content to a knowledge base is needed to manage a help desk and communicate changes as they occur. Innovative ways to post community questions and comments and FAQs are integral to deliver value to the customer--to help solve problems before they occur or save a customer from submitting a support ticket.

Collaboration to speed up problem solving. Agents may collaborate on tickets easier through shared views set up by the administrator, accept public comments from requesters or solicit private comments to get answers from others in your organization. For any size operation, sharing tickets with other Zendesk accounts enables you to work seamlessly with supply chain partners.Tagging features for user types and content will process requests much faster.

Customization and analytics. Administrators of your Zendesk account can set up different views of support tickets, by date, agents, and so on. You can add a feedback widget to your website, online store, or web app for ticket submission or knowledge base search. Administrators and agents also have the ability to monitor customer engagement through reports that gather statistics of forum usability.

Additional Features and Pricing:

Mobile apps. Zendesk is mobile optimized as well as offering native Apple iOS and Google Android apps.

Integration and plug-ins. Zendesk for JIRA, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Yammer, Basecamp, and others are available. Single sign on is enabled using Twitter, Facebook, Google, and OpenID.

Pricing. Zendesk offers a starter plan for three agents for as little as $20 for the year and the company donates these proceeds to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. The regular, plus, and enterprise editions are based on per agent usage and discounted when purchased on an annual basis.

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