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Here you will find collaboration tools that work best for your group purpose, function, size, and ease of use. Social collaboration technologies give us many options to make effective use of group collaboration, sharing what you know, and creating value for your organization and customers.
  1. Innovation Management
  2. Office / Productivity
  3. Online Communities
  4. Project Collaboration
  5. Social Sites
  1. Social Software
  2. Social Intranets/Extranets
  3. Web Conferencing
  4. Wikis

Innovation Management

Innovation management software offer social features like crowdsourcing, social gaming concepts as well as workflow tools to manage and advance development of ideas. Here are choices to help build innovation management into your organization.

Office / Productivity

Applications for file sharing and collaboration, knowledge management, and access to resources help people work more efficiently in teams. Productivity is enhanced when we can access resources from any device or location and often in real time. Here are product reviews, suggestions, and idea to help you and your organization be more productive.

Online Communities

Our involvement in online communities can make a huge difference to advance causes, business value, and successful outcomes. Here are resources and examples of online communities that drive engagement for internal and external users.

Project Collaboration

Project management tools have evolved into online project hubs for transparency and real-time collaboration. Here are many resources to help you take advantage of the newest project collaboration tools.

Social Sites

Social collaboration can give us many ways to market our products and services, share resources, and help others through collaborative endeavors. Here are specialized social sites to learn about, make yourself visible and share what you know.

Social Software

Social software is designed to bring collaboration tools into the workplace and create business value around social business, social networking, and community. Here are many social software products that offer choices for your organization’s technology framework.

Social Intranets/Extranets

Newer intranets and extranets are designed to add Web 2.0 toolsets and social collaboration to facilitate connections among internal and external users. Social intranets and extranets offer cost savings as a pure software as a service (SaaS), although some software developers offer software on premises, or a combination of both, often called hybrid solution.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing tools provide voice, video, and collaboration tools for many purposes – elearning, webinars, virtual meetings, web events and presentations. Here are web conferencing tools to help you host and manage web meetings anywhere and on any device.


Wiki tools are used often in building knowledge bases, organizing projects, and providing a hub of content sharing tools for group collaboration. Here are wiki tools to help you learn more about wikis and help you get started.

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