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Teams and Communities

Collaborative relationships depend on mutual trust, cooperation, and empowerment, among many attributes of people working together. Here are case studies and stories of working relationships among teams, partners, and customers to help others learn how work gets done in collaboration.

Wiki Recipe Club - 10 Reasons to Build a Recipe Wiki
In one month, you will be well on your way to start a recipe club at home or work. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and my lessons this month will be delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Claromentis Offers New Intranet Core to Test Drive and Prototype

Lesson 5 - Publishing a Wiki Site
In Lesson 5 - Publishing a Wiki Site, you will learn to publish, enhance, and share your wiki site with others.

Glip for Greater Team Collaboration
Glip is a new team collaboration platform with essential apps enabled in one place and within the stream.

Building Purpose Driven Communities for Mass Collaboration
Mass collaboration is a marketing term of increasing importance in today's socially oriented organizations. It is suggested that mass collaboration is the next big thing in business operations.

Using iMeet Video Conferencing
The new version of iMeet 3.5 enables a variety of uses for video conferencing, for training, interviewing, and meetings, at a reasonable cost.

Free Library Collaborative Workspaces are Hubs for Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneur incubator, once the place in laboratory outposts of universities to grow startups, are now in libraries throughout Arizona where there are fresh, expert resources.

How a Social Collaboration Platform Can Overcome Virtual Team Distance
How can your organization solve challenges of virtual team distance in terms of relationships and cultural differences -- and can social collaboration platforms help you overcome virtual distance?

Collaborative Relations for the Ages
Now, I’ve conceived collaborative relations in terms of what we need to know and do to develop it further as a discipline, in other words, defined as a branch of knowledge.

Slack Sets New Standard for Team Communication Online
Email is practically non-existent in Slack. The aha! moment comes when you realize communication changes the dynamic the way you can work with your team.

Clio Cofounders Show How to Build a Business and Stay Friends
Clio cofounders attribute success to similar ideology, business goals, and happy people.

Sales Group Collaboration: When Everyone Wins
Three factors contribute to measurable system-wide performance and have been successful benchmarks for sales groups for a very long time.

Talent Analytics App Can Uncover Your Collaborative Style
Enterprise solution provider, Talent Analytics designed a data-rich profile builder to give your software tools the smarts to know more about your people and what works to build success in your organization.

Xerox Dream Sessions Spark a Journey of Open Innovation
Open innovation takes innovation beyond your organizational boundaries. Not only from your own researchers, but from the outside, which could be a university, lab, or the customer, says leaders from Xerox's healthcare innovation line of business in an interview.

Great Workspaces for Sharing and Building on Ideas
For an organization to not only adapt to new ways of communicating and collaborating online, how do we leverage the human and business values of the organization and its potential?

Dana Lampert Talks About Wiggio and Future with Desire2Learn
Dana Lampert, co-founder of Wiggio, speaks freely about his interests in entrepreneurship and future with Desire2Learn.

Bloomfire Integration with Salesforce.com Improves Access to Knowledge Resources
Bloomfire is a collaboration tool for everybody, so that integration in Salesforce.com enables questions to be fed into the Bloomfire community.

Building Trust Among Teams and Communities
Do our perspectives shape or even limit behaviors? How can we hold ourselves to a higher standard, eliminate mistrust, and work more effectively with others toward shared goals?

New Business and IT Partners on Application Development
Coming out of the shadows of making decisions on their own, business people adept at developing business solutions for themselves and their organizations are now gaining IT support. Citizen developers represent the new business users that will need to be empowered with tools and training materials, and with IT support, create new apps.

4 Online Communities to Help Your Small Business Grow
These online communities have been identified as opportunities for you to receive or give advice, share information, learn, and network among other business owners to help your small business grow.

Getting Started with Wikis for Any Size Project
The power of any wiki is increased by the amount users who contribute to the wiki project. These quick tips can help you get started setting up a wiki along with alternatives based on your choice of wiki tools.

Dell’s Chris McNulty on SharePoint Business
Dell's CTO-SharePoint, Chris McNulty says SharePoint is revolutionary business technology and people use it as a core to their world. And you can be far more successful having people stay a part of that world through governance.

Using Video for Social Learning
Video can be an engaging content medium, when done professionally, for social learning and sharing knowledge.

Unleashing Your Organization’s Creative Potential for Innovation
Sir Ken Robinson writes and speaks extensively on the challenges of our educational systems and corporations in valuing creativity. Structural patterns that have to do with habits, such as the way things get done, shows leadership’s role in driving creative practices, as adapted from his book, can be a starting point for igniting creativity.

GroupMap Mind Mapping Facilitates Idea Exchange for Collective Learning
Cofounders of GroupMap, a new mind mapping tool, say yours, mine, and ours are the three most important views in a conversation.

Lucidpress Slick Web-based Design App for Novice Users
Lucidpress works like any professional desktop publishing tool but a lot easier to use among teams. Your finished product, in print or digital form, makes a slick presentation tool, even for novice users.

Project Collaboration Software Experts Inspire New Ways to Run a Business
Two partners in the firm, 37signals have a different outlook that can change the way you have ever imagined to run your business.

Recommended Group Communication Apps and Tips to Use in Storms
Can you be better prepared to receive or send emergency information in a storm? Everybody can be better prepared to communicate in a storm by knowing your mobile device capabilities and specific apps for emergencies and group communication.

Skype and Lync Connectivity Ripe for Service and Support
Think of expanding connectivity and collaboration with your contacts. Supply chain partners or your key customer accounts using Lync with multiple contacts in the organization will connect with you easier.

Communication and Collaboration Tips Using Social Technologies
Etiquette can impact more effective use of social technologies as well as help build better business network relationships.

Client-Supplier Relationships from U.S. to Bali, Indonesia
To work with the people of Bali, like any foreign culture, is a learning experience. Trusting the people you are working with, understanding the culture, and overcoming language barriers, can go a long way to preserving the priceless work of artisans.

Extraordinary Client-Supplier Results from Shared Work Activities
Successful client-supplier relationships are revealing a passionately true story of greater accomplishments and results--so much more than one individual or organization alone can do. Read more for reader ROI checklist.

OpenIDEO Innovation Platform for Social Good
IDEO's innovation platform called OpenIDEO is open to anyone to participate in and collaborate on ideas, but as IDEO suggests, for social or environmental good. Check out these ideas on OpenIDEO to innovate and collaborate as a community for the greater good.

7 Kanban Board Tools for Project Collaboration
Kanban boards are becoming popular online project collaboration tools for digital marketing programs, software development, and even innovation social gaming techniques. Seven Kanban tools are reviewed, offering free or low cost plans with advanced features.

Recommended Reading - Collaboration Themes for Life and Business
Social media has created a catalyst that empowers us to communicate with the masses. But how do we acquire new skills for leading and managing for collaboration? These recommended books on collaboration themes have common ingredients to help us learn and grow our organizational strengths for the long term.

Your Twitter Mojo - Tips on Twitter Social Networking
The path to success on Twitter, as Mark Schaefer author of The Tao of Twitter says, is created through three integrated elements. These quick tips can help you develop social networking capabilities.

Tale of Penguins Shows How to Deal with Change
Co-authors of the business bestseller, "Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions" offer insights in dealing with change.

Bloomfire Knowledge Sharing Tool Builds on Community Collaboration
Bloomfire's knowledge sharing tools help build collaborative communities. Video recording and file sharing capabilities are enabling users to contribute learning and business communications on the fly.

Do by Salesforce App Gets Everyone in Sync
Do is the Salesforce social productivity app designed to sync stuff you need to get done with other people. Free, mobile and no setup, Do is super easy to be productive right away.

Wiggio for Groups Online Grows into Broad Use of Collaboration Tools
Wiggio’s easy way to work in groups is becoming known from college dorms to corporate workspaces - as technology buyers are clamoring for social productivity from online collaboration tools.

Achieving Bolder and More Effective Collaboration Results
Interacting with peers, coworkers, partners or suppliers may require a set of actions for collaboration to effectively achieve results. More often than not, it is about asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Managing a 50,000 Member Online Community for Celebrating Home
What's it like to manage a 50,000 member online community? Read about engagement insights from the online community manager, Kenny Mobley at Celebrating Home.

Zendesk’s New Social Channels for Customer Support Engagement
Zendesk's new financing is positioning the company to grow and is already helping its customers engage in social media channels to provide customer support and keep customers coming back.

Time Tracking Apps to Better Manage Your Time and Sync Group Projects
Mobile apps are useful to enter time as you complete a task. Apps benefit individuals, workgroups, and small business to make effective use of your time.

5 Productivity Apps for Managing Tasks Online
To help improve workflow processes, software developers continue to focus on streamlining web-based productivity apps for managing tasks as well as adding team interactivity around projects, which attract more users.

How Habits Can Spark Innovation Programs
When old habits can be changed, they have the potential to be remade into newer desirable patterns, keystones that can change other habits and spark innovation. Author Charles Duhigg wrote about the power of habits that can transform everything.

Student Learning Advances from Old to New Social Technologies
Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the top rated journalism school surveyed by TVWeek, has also adapted regular round table discussions to help students expand the boundaries for learning. Different program formats, like the round table, or in classroom presentation from industry experts can allow students to feel more a part of what is happening in the field and pick up knowledge from these observations.

Managing Tasks for Your Flow of Work
Large teams and organizations have popularized task management tools that demonstrate effectiveness for any size team. On any desktop or mobile device, people connect with all team members (internal or external) to manage their flow of work through task management.

Cooperative and Self-Directed Teams Have Competitive Advantages
Cooperative and self-directed teams show competitive advantages when they can act in nimble ways like small companies within a company's ecosystem. Based on the book, "The Connected Company."

User Generated Content Tips and Websites
User generated content (UGC) is contributed, although the benefits of being the one telling the story or sharing the photo can also have significance for media like CNN, a blog community on Tumblr, and Wikipedia’s chronicle of events in the making.

Sharing Documents in SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online now includes usage on mobile phones and tablets and a seamless social experience. New and upgraded SharePoint Online services can improve interactive conversations online and can make it easier and more secure for sharing documents on the go.

Organizing Great Groups for Excellence
Candidates for Great Groups are more concerned and excited to start the next thing--as compared to thinking this one thing is the end all.

Video Chat Tools to Liven Up Team Meetings
My picks for video chat tools, particularly for small team meetings are based on ease of use, low cost, and minimal system requirements. Let’s liven up the weekly team meeting.

Cloud Storage Apps and Devices to Take on Vacation
Cloud storage apps and devices to take on vacation will help you stay connected to the team and your work, and help turn your vacation into quality time.

Embracing Change App Helps Discover Your Strengths
The Embracing Change App helps discover your strengths and bring out your best and others in your organization through appreciative inquiry.

Lesson 1 - Organizing Material for Recipe Wiki
Lesson one will help you organize recipes for your wiki, based on how you manage your kitchen, plan meals, or plan events.

Quick Tips for Managing an Intranet with Existing Resources
Your intranet needs to have community leaders to help nurture the communication and collaboration channels. Learn how to manage an intranet with existing resources.

Lesson 2 - Choosing a Wiki Tool
I described a wiki recipe for a friend when we played golf the other day. MaryLou was undecided and said, “Is it like your own personal cookbook?”

Adapting to @Mentions in Business Collaboration Software
Using @mentions in business collaboration software is a likely next step to adapt to. Giving and getting @mentions can create valuable connections within your business or external partners.

Brand Incubator Reveals New Breed of Technology Users
In stealth mode, often a term used to convey secrecy, AShopCalledBrooklyn protects the intellectual property of its clients. The agency of about 10 people is a school of ethics that more traditional thinkers can relate to.

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