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Collaboration Basics

Selecting collaboration tools may require basic understanding of your group purpose, process, size of group, and other key points to make your collaborative efforts successful.

Recommended Reading: Collaboration by Morten T. Hansen
In Morten T. Hansen's book, Collaboration, he suggests leaders misdiagnose the reasons people don't collaborate.

How Collaboration Can Work for Business
Collaboration, especially in business is raising key concerns for organizations taking on new approaches to improve performance and outcomes. According to research and best practices, the combination of several factors may help steer collaboration to achieve business results.

Collaborative Relations for the Ages
Now, I’ve conceived collaborative relations in terms of what we need to know and do to develop it further as a discipline, in other words, defined as a branch of knowledge.

Strategies for Better Collaboration
Do you believe collaboration is a skill that can be learned? We are naturally social beings and happier when we have successful collaboration, says Dr. Kamen-Gredinger, licensed psychologist and educator.

Resources & Tips

Defining Your Software Purpose
As an advocate for better software usage, the key question in reviewing software options is whether your software in use is fulfilling a purpose.

What is Presencing?
It is important to understand presencing involves seeing differently through our own capacity as well as the work we do with others.

Learning About Your Collaborative Leadership Style and Empowering Others
Leaders can learn to develop a collaborative leadership style, including actions that can lead to better engagement.

Building Trust Among Teams and Communities
Do our perspectives shape or even limit behaviors? How can we hold ourselves to a higher standard, eliminate mistrust, and work more effectively with others toward shared goals?

Why People Need Collaboration - Five Reasons That May Help or Inhibit Us
Collaborative processes are about making people connections, provided you're selecting appropriate collaboration tools and creating a cultural framework to get stuff done.

Strategies for Noncompetitive Collaboration
Competitive behavior can be hard to change and the old hierarchal leadership style isn’t effective to solve problems in today’s leaner organizations that require collaborative leadership for innovation and growth. These 10 ways to change competitive behavior to collaborative leadership can help grow collaboration into your culture.

Deciding on Collaboration Tools?
Your collaboration tool choice may bring harmony or discord with your collaborating group. Assign a planning and implementation team to take charge of getting people engaged.

3 Core Essentials of Collaboration Tools
Collaboration tools are essentially about the technology we use to work together toward a common goal, and facilitate collaboration far better than predecessors and further improved through networks.

Features and Formalities of Collaboration Tools
Evidence of collaboration’s importance is quickly evolving as online communities sprout up within the workplace and public websites. Learn basics of collaboration, questions about collaboration tools from a buyer's perspective, understand group preferences, and tips for building an online community.

Managing Costs and Customization of Collaboration Technologies
The following checklist of planning tools and benefits can help you achieve success to better manage for costs and customization in your software project.

Collaboration Barriers across Organization Units
IUnderstand the four barriers from management guru, Morten t. Hansen that may prevent collaboration from happening across organization units.

7 Productivity Tips to Help You Accomplish Almost Anything
Have you ever stopped to think that the one thing that is stifling your productivity could be what is ailing youto get out of your comfort zone.

3 Tips to Improve Information Flow Between Customers and Suppliers
Small business owners can take advantage of customer- and supplier-friendly collaboration tools to improve the information flow in more ways to gain efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Sharing Knowledge for Public Interest through Social Networks
Sharing knowledge for public interest between social networking sites or through direction connection can increase communication, marketability, and networking capacity.

Communication and Collaboration Tips Using Social Technologies
Etiquette can impact more effective use of social technologies as well as help build better business network relationships.

Sales Group Collaboration: When Everyone Wins
Three factors contribute to measurable system-wide performance and have been successful benchmarks for sales groups for a very long time.

Pros and Cons of Cheat Sheets
Sarah created a cheat sheet how to use the company's newly purchased software. Learn the pros and cons of using a cheat sheet and what to do.

FAQs About Public and Private Social Networks
These frequently asked questions (FAQs) will help answer basic questions about differences between public and private social networks, including concerns for privacy, data security, and sharing knowledge.

Recommended Group Communication Apps and Tips to Use in Storms
Can you be better prepared to receive or send emergency information in a storm? Everybody can be better prepared to communicate in a storm by knowing your mobile device capabilities and specific apps for emergencies and group communication.

Evaluating Interactive Whiteboards for Collaborative Team Meetings
Interactive whiteboards for collaborative team meetings may be your software choice when everybody’s input matters. The team facilitator checklist will help you make software choices for conducting collaborative team meetings.

Dell’s Chris McNulty on SharePoint Business
Dell's CTO-SharePoint, Chris McNulty says SharePoint is revolutionary business technology and people use it as a core to their world. And you can be far more successful having people stay a part of that world through governance.

Clio Cofounders Show How to Build a Business and Stay Friends
Clio cofounders attribute success to similar ideology, business goals, and happy people.

Cloud Storage Apps and Devices to Take on Vacation
Cloud storage apps and devices to take on vacation will help you stay connected to the team and your work, and help turn your vacation into quality time.

Improving Knowledge Resources in Social Software for Collaboration
Collaboration tools enable teams to work together but improving organizational and project knowledge resources and access may require conscious actions.

Introduction to Online Communities
Online communities are largely cooperative systems for people to share ideas, resources, and common interests. To make the online community experience worthwhile, organizations need to look at outcomes, including customer benefits.

The Science and Art of Commenting Online
Researchers at the Science, Media, and the Public (SCIMEP) lab of the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied the effects of negatives comments online. Because further concerns of potential influence on how a reader feels about a topic and may not realize it can remind us of the need for online communication guidelines.

How to Run a Successful Wiki Pilot
Stewart Mader is a noted wiki/social software researcher and author who developed wikipatterns to share valuable strategies that can affect adoption. First, understand these basic points why to use a wiki and then how to run a pilot.

7 FAQs About Social Business
Social business is the actions and performance of people to communicate and collaborate for the good of the organization using social tools. Refer to these frequently asked questions to learn more about social business.

Achieving Bolder and More Effective Collaboration Results
Interacting with peers, coworkers, partners or suppliers may require a set of actions for collaboration to effectively achieve results. More often than not, it is about asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Tale of Penguins Shows How to Deal with Change
Co-authors of the business bestseller, "Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions" offer insights in dealing with change.

How Habits Can Spark Innovation Programs
When old habits can be changed, they have the potential to be remade into newer desirable patterns, keystones that can change other habits and spark innovation. Author Charles Duhigg wrote about the power of habits that can transform everything.

Emergency Communication Tools and Tips for Travelers
Communication devices will be the essential tool to have with you at all times when you travel. Wise travelers will add communication tools to your travel packing checklist--check out these tips.

5 Social Collaboration Tips for Building Online Communities
Social collaboration can be a mysterious process to new users, but others find social collaboration entertaining and engaging. Community owners seem to agree on a consistent set of actions that build build and nurture online community.

Socialize Your Online Collaboration Tool Choices
Online collaboration tool options are many, ranging from web based productivity tools to an integrated approach like private social networks. Obtaining insights to your group's processes and preferences for online collaboration will give you a head start on selecting the right tool.

Building Great Webinar and Training Formats
Use of web conferencing tools now have become sort of stage-like for building great webinar and training formats, to entertain, engage, and inspire audiences.

Recommended Reading - Changing Times Test Our Limits
For young or seasoned professionals, stories that spark our imagination, whether real or imagined, are meaningful.

User Generated Content Tips and Websites
User generated content (UGC) is contributed, although the benefits of being the one telling the story or sharing the photo can also have significance for media like CNN, a blog community on Tumblr, and Wikipedia’s chronicle of events in the making.

5 Steps to Design Community Survey Using Google Docs
Online community managers need to ensure members are actively participating and keep coming back. A community feedback survey is one sure measure to see where improvements or new interests can be developed further.

7 Investment Funding Platforms for Entrepreneurs
Investment funding platforms enable entrepreneurs to present business ideas or products already in development or launched and approach angel investors that are part of the community to collaborate and share deals with other groups of investors.

Skillshare Community-Based Learning and Teaching Marketplace
Skillshare offers a teaching and learning service that promotes learning from skilled people in your community. Skillshare is for people yearning to learn new skills or for teaching your expertise to others.

Extraordinary Client-Supplier Results from Shared Work Activities
Successful client-supplier relationships are revealing a passionately true story of greater accomplishments and results--so much more than one individual or organization alone can do. Read more for reader ROI checklist.

Managing a 50,000 Member Online Community for Celebrating Home
What's it like to manage a 50,000 member online community? Read about engagement insights from the online community manager, Kenny Mobley at Celebrating Home.

Webinar Presenters: Ask 3 Questions for Better Design and Technique
Webinar presenters need to ask three questions, first, before you dive right into the technology you use, for better design and technique. Effective webinars require time and skill.

10 Task Management Tips to Manage Project Team Workspaces
Project collaboration tools have refined task management capabilities to make the best use of teams working together while reducing the complexity of project management processes.These ten tips will help simplify setting up tasks and speed up the workflow.

Quick Tips for Managing an Intranet with Existing Resources
Your intranet needs to have community leaders to help nurture the communication and collaboration channels. Learn how to to manage an intranet with existing resources.

Student Learning Advances from Old to New Social Technologies
Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the top rated journalism school surveyed by TVWeek, has also adapted regular round table discussions to help students expand the boundaries for learning. Different program formats, like the round table, or in classroom presentation from industry experts can allow students to feel more a part of what is happening in the field and pick up knowledge from these observations.

5 Online Writing Tools to Engage Others and Get Published
Learn how to engage others in all stages of the writing process, especially early on, using online writing tools that will help you get published.

Wiki Recipe Club - 10 Reasons to Build a Recipe Wiki
In one month, you will be well on your way to start a recipe club at home or work. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and my lessons this month will be delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Taking the First Step to Innovation Leadership
Taking the first step to acknowledge the importance of innovation for future growth affects every business.

Networking in All the Right Places
Networking can help attract new relationships within your organization, and expand your resources with individuals outside your organization to make valuable business connections.

An Innovation Toolkit for Developing Innovators
Innovation software tools and recommended reading to better understand and work through the implementation of new ideas for the foundation of cultural, process, strategic, and behavioral development.

Adapting to @Mentions in Business Collaboration Software
Using @mentions in business collaboration software is a likely next step to adapt to. Giving and getting @mentions can create valuable connections within your business or external partners.

Using Video for Social Learning
Video can be an engaging content medium, when done professionally, for social learning and sharing knowledge.

Comindware Project Helps Young People Manage Projects Easier
For new project teams looking to streamline their project planning and managing a project with ease, I recommend trying Comindware.

Embracing Change App Helps Discover Your Strengths
The Embracing Change App helps discover your strengths and bring out your best and others in your organization through appreciative inquiry.

Glip for Greater Team Collaboration
Glip is a new team collaboration platform with essential apps enabled in one place and within the stream.

Stride Sales Tracking App Simplifies Process for Small Business
Stride is a new sales tracking app that cleverly serves like a status report at a glance how your sales opportunities are progressing.

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