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Collaboration Success Stories

Collaboration tools foster communication and collaboration among professionals, practitioners, and students alike to advance knowledge and community in producing successful outcomes.

Real-Time Processes Within Reach
Our collaboration software community shows teams of all sizes and locations utilizing the most up-to-date project collaboration tools.

Dana Lampert Talks About Wiggio and Future with Desire2Learn
Dana Lampert, co-founder of Wiggio, speaks freely about his interests in entrepreneurship and future with Desire2Learn.

Designing a Collaborative Culture Statement
How to write a culture statement that includes leadership, values, and collaborative relations.

Brand Incubator Reveals New Breed of Technology Users
In stealth mode, often a term used to convey secrecy, AShopCalledBrooklyn protects the intellectual property of its clients. The agency of about 10 people is a school of ethics that more traditional thinkers can relate to.

Social Learning: How to Accelerate Knowledge and Work Better Together
The distinct advantages to create your own social learning programs are to discuss current hot topics, encourage working relationships among different groups, and cultivate open content platforms.

Free Library Collaborative Workspaces are Hubs for Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneur incubator, once the place in laboratory outposts of universities to grow startups, are now in libraries throughout Arizona where there are fresh, expert resources.

Xerox Dream Sessions Spark a Journey of Open Innovation
Open innovation takes innovation beyond your organizational boundaries. Not only from your own researchers, but from the outside, which could be a university, lab, or the customer, says leaders from Xerox's healthcare innovation line of business in an interview.

Clio Cofounders Show How to Build a Business and Stay Friends
Clio cofounders attribute success to similar ideology, business goals, and happy people.

Webinar Presenters: Ask 3 Questions for Better Design and Technique
Webinar presenters need to ask three questions, first, before you dive right into the technology you use, for better design and technique. Effective webinars require time and skill.

Introduction to Online Communities
Online communities are largely cooperative systems for people to share ideas, resources, and common interests. To make the online community experience worthwhile, organizations need to look at outcomes, including customer benefits.

Learning About Your Collaborative Leadership Style and Empowering Others
Leaders can learn to develop a collaborative leadership style, including actions that can lead to better engagement.

Building Purpose Driven Communities for Mass Collaboration
Mass collaboration is a marketing term of increasing importance in today's socially oriented organizations. It is suggested that mass collaboration is the next big thing in business operations.

Dell’s Chris McNulty on SharePoint Business
Dell's CTO-SharePoint, Chris McNulty says SharePoint is revolutionary business technology and people use it as a core to their world. And you can be far more successful having people stay a part of that world through governance.

Project Collaboration Software Experts Inspire New Ways to Run a Business
Two partners in the firm, 37signals have a different outlook that can change the way you have ever imagined to run your business.

Nine Secrets of Webinar Engagement Masters
Mastering engagement in virtual environments without the benefit of seeing the audience is an extremely valuable skill in today’s digital world.

7 Investment Funding Platforms for Entrepreneurs
Investment funding platforms enable entrepreneurs to present business ideas or products already in development or launched and approach angel investors that are part of the community to collaborate and share deals with other groups of investors.

How to Run a Successful Wiki Pilot
Stewart Mader is a noted wiki/social software researcher and author who developed wikipatterns to share valuable strategies that can affect adoption. First, understand these basic points why to use a wiki and then how to run a pilot.

NetApp's Thriving Online Community Forum - What Makes it Tick
NetApp, Inc. takes us behind the scenes in their Community Forum to show what ultimately keeps the community thriving.

2degrees Sustainable Business Community
2degrees is known as the go-to place online to learn from peers, partners, and industry experts leading the charge and sharing knowledge of sustainable business practices. 2degrees public and private platforms help members grow and build a competitive advantage through sustainability.

Client-Supplier Relationships from U.S. to Bali, Indonesia
To work with the people of Bali, like any foreign culture, is a learning experience. Trusting the people you are working with, understanding the culture, and overcoming language barriers, can go a long way to preserving the priceless work of artisans.

For King Arthur Flour, Community Feedback is the Real Deal
Starting out with a great product is a basic tenet in business and has been King Arthur Flour's call to fame, but community feedback offers more statistics.

Brightidea Sparks a World of Innovation
Sparking new interest in innovation now is our transparent social networking activities that affects nearly everyone. Brightidea, Inc., an innovation management software company based in San Francisco, is helping to build online innovation platforms to capture ideas for new things wherever ideas emerge.

Why People Need Collaboration - Five Reasons That May Help or Inhibit Us
Collaborative processes are about making people connections, provided you're selecting appropriate collaboration tools and creating a cultural framework to get stuff done.

Your Twitter Mojo - Tips on Twitter Social Networking
The path to success on Twitter, as Mark Schaefer author of The Tao of Twitter says, is created through three integrated elements. These quick tips can help you develop social networking capabilities.

Cotton Incorporated Develops Innovation Pipeline to Success
How does a company like Cotton Incorporated understand the market and needs for future development? The key technological elements of its innovation management platform required refined techniques of product development, including the stage gate process.

At Reed Integration, An Intranet Model in Office 365 Supports Growth Vision
The business case for Reed’s intranet, developed in Office 365 supports their highly structured systems engineering and project management work processes for collaboration, knowledge management, and employee engagement.

Autodesk WikiHelp Community Steers to Open Learning
Autodesk's Wikihelp community is a social collaboration of open learning through empowerment that combines product help with community knowledge, giving users a voice in a published fashion.

5 Wiki Tools for Building Online Communities
Wikis have become fully integrated online community platforms with social technologies for building collaborative and shared knowledge bases among teams and customers.

Video Meetings - Interactive Guidance for Global Networking
Video meeting technologies give organizations like Borderless distinct advantages. Global networking effectiveness and collaborative co-management best practices support meetings anywhere candidates can be met.

My Scribd Experience
Writing or publishing a book? Share your Scribd experience. Your story can benefit others by sharing lessons you may have learned along the way.See submissions

Tale of Penguins Shows How to Deal with Change
Co-authors of the business bestseller, "Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions" offer insights in dealing with change.

SharePoint Document Workspaces for the Future
The Document Workspace in Microsoft SharePoint demonstrates there are many ways to help manage your work requirements in a browser based environment.

Skillshare Community-Based Learning and Teaching Marketplace
Skillshare offers a teaching and learning service that promotes learning from skilled people in your community. Skillshare is for people yearning to learn new skills or for teaching your expertise to others.

Achieving Bolder and More Effective Collaboration Results
Interacting with peers, coworkers, partners or suppliers may require a set of actions for collaboration to effectively achieve results. More often than not, it is about asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Cooperative and Self-Directed Teams Have Competitive Advantages
Cooperative and self-directed teams show competitive advantages when they can act in nimble ways like small companies within a company's ecosystem. Based on the book, "The Connected Company."

Lesson 1 - Organizing Material for Recipe Wiki
Lesson one will help you organize recipes for your wiki, based on how you manage your kitchen, plan meals, or plan events.

Organizing Great Groups for Excellence
Candidates for Great Groups are more concerned and excited to start the next thing--as compared to thinking this one thing is the end all.

Collaborating Online with Great Cooks
Is it true too many cooks spoil the brew? Or is it soup, broth, or bread? More so than you think, process, culture, and technology shape how we learn and collaborate online with others to make things better--even great cooks do.

Asking the Right Questions for Better Relationships and Results
Only then could I understand why she held back from valuable meeting time when I asked the right question.

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