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2degrees Sustainable Business Community


2degrees Sustainable Business Community

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2degrees Public and Private Knowledge Hubs:

2degrees is a global community for sustainable business. Providing managed services through an online platform for professionals and corporations, 2degrees services enable members to reduce costs, risks, and environmental impacts--while growing and building competitive advantage through sustainability.

Originating in 2008 in Oxford, U.K, 2degrees is known as the go-to place online to learn from peers, partners, and industry experts leading the charge and sharing knowledge of sustainable business practices.

2degrees offers several types of membership services, including the free online community services platform with ongoing open discussions, message exchange between members, and ongoing knowledge sharing activities through webinars and in-person meetings. 2degrees has fee-based supply chain and market engagement services for organizations desiring to collaborate within a private hub and to manage site functionality for specific needs of supply chains.

Collaborative Working Groups Share Knowledge and Best Practices:

2degrees organizes collaborative activities around specialized working groups. The free, online community services are extended currently to over 25,000 members and industry experts worldwide. An estimated 800 people are subscribing each month and as many as one third of these many people are from the USA, according to Simon Frankum, Digital Product Marketing Manager.

In this type of online community, members may subscribe to any of the 20 working groups, including supply chain, employee engagement, and energy and carbon management, among some of the popular groups. Each group is managed by a community manager to help initiate discussions or curate topics of interest offered by community members through a daily informational newsletter distributed by email, notifying members of a discussion happening online.

The community outreach of the working groups is openly positive and responsive in a social networking atmosphere. Active discussions fuel a vibrant collaborative exchange for a telecom industry member, who asks the community for suggestions where to start in supply chain engagement. Responses from members offer key points and suggestions for engaging your procurement team and developing a life cycle analysis as well as a roadmap of your desired goals.

Collaboration from different sources within the global community is also beneficial to help organizations be transparent. It is in some ways like crowdsourcing because contributors come from different places and usually do not know one another in advance. And it is not a one size fits all solution for everyone. This kind of knowledge sharing can also lead to innovative solutions, simply because when you start to think of new approaches to old ways of doing things, it's a fresh new approach that could lead to new business opportunities.

Private Knowledge Hubs are a Value Chain Engagement Solution:

The world's largest online collaboration between retail suppliers is managed on the 2degrees private knowledge hub for Tesco, among the top food retailers with operations in 14 countries. Tesco's sustainable business objective is to cut emissions by 30 percent by 2020. The managed service is helping peer-to-peer problem solving at scale and helping them cut costs, risk, and waste.

2degrees is also hosting a hub for Asda-Walmart, the low-cost retail giant, called the Asda Sustain and Save Exchange. In a press release, Martin Chilcott, co-founder and CEO of 2degrees, says "The platform represents a shift from the traditional transactional model of activities for Asda to a more collaborative style of working - a trend cited in the retail sector."

2degrees provides a unique and specialized managed service built on a proprietary online platform. A combination of information delivery, knowledge sharing, and collaboration provides clients with site specific news, a social network, knowledge hub and events programming such as webinars and offline activities managed by expert community managers.

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