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Jive Software’s Design for Social Workplace Communities


Jive Software
Jive Software Inc.

What is Social Software and Jive:

Social software is becoming increasingly popular as a means to collaborate within the workplace--and highly regarded software usage for external community engagement. Simply defined, social software supports group interaction. Gartner Research recently identified Jive Software among the leader quadrants in its reports of social software for the workplace, external communities, and customer relationship management (CRM).

For a company that has only been around since 2001, Jive Software has made significant strides in gaining acceptance as a social productivity tool to drive business. Jive Software is a self contained Social Business Software platform and offers integration possibilities with other software platforms like Microsoft SharePoint. The following key points illustrate the business essentials that a company may deem important in its pursuit of social software in the workplace.

Communication, Learning and Collaboration Activity Streams:

As an information-sharing and learning platform, Jive Software enables group level conversations that are amplified through microblogging, wikis, and discussion forums. On a busy day in a typical online community, teams and the external network of customers and partners posting in the community can give a lively appeal to the rigors and routine of content sharing and status updates.

Friendly nudges to community members for comments may be reciprocated with a "like" response. Engaged users in online workplace communities are familiar with the fast lingo, often times exclamatory replies coupled with overstated expressions. As most people in the social networking arena know to make your replies more pronounced, it is acceptable to add little verbiages like gasp!, sigh! or ugh! for personal emphasis. The language of the social workplace helps individuals in distant locations feel a part of the community.

Business Does Get Done through Social Software:

Many integral business functions and processes are supported through social software, including these particular examples:

Customer Support. Organizations designing external communities are places to encourage power users and internal customer support staff to connect and engage with customers. Logged in as a guest user of Jive's external community, I found out quite a bit about upcoming product releases, which triggered questions by customers and early adopters who have already upgraded to the new releases. Customers can also demonstrate valuable connections through its own open community forum, as shown in this example by Analog Devices.

Internal and Cross-Department Collaboration. Organizations are challenged to unify departments along the corporate corridors, from corporate communications, sales, R & D, and finance departments among others. An intricate internal network of connections begins with assigned user roles. Then, Jive Software helps foster social collaboration by associating user profiles with any number of groups, projects, teams, or communities.

Partner Collaboration. In conversation with Tim Zonca, Director of Product Marketing, he explained a customer's' case study of how partners were rapidly brought together. Mr. Zonca said, "Because the business partners were able to make connections quickly, it was possible to help bring a product to market in a span of four months. This is unheard of, using traditional email and referral systems that may otherwise take 18 months." The software tools made it easier to search and look up profiles of different people and provide access through the collaborative social network structure of the client company. Advanced technology is also an enabler as explained next.

More Technology Under the Hood:

There is more technologically advanced search capability inside of Jive. It is called a recommendation engine that brings information to you. Search people, information, and groups, and the recommendation engine will deliver it to you.

What Matters is the way Jive connects you with timely and relevant information. Jive’s patented Jive Genius, the social intelligence of the recommender service, collects and analyzes your activity. The user’s key areas, Matters Most and Recommended for You are the special recommended pieces of information based on your followed activity around the community and network.

Jive Software does provide the most common social networking attributes to foster connections through these activity streams of the community or subgroups, including the application of tagging, following, @mentions, like, and comment. Jive Software’s on-premise network installation or cloud based application product types are offered on a monthly basis. Both products are priced the same, according to company sources.

Integration with Other Software:

Jive Connects is the software integration and search engine to work with other software tools like Microsoft SharePoint. This is particularly useful to integrate the power of social collaboration through Jive with the technology of SharePoint's technical capabilities for document search, sharing, and co-authoring. Jive Software also provides an API integration to customize the front end social software with your company's business process.

Options to share Microsoft Office docs and Google docs are built into the Jive platform. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are developing apps and plug-ins to work with Jive that you will surely hear about in the future. For example, Actiance is a compliance plug-in to keep a check on corporate governance practices. Actiance takes internal communications and conversations and brings them into compliance with applicable laws.

Jive Software’s Secret Sauce:

Jive Software offers strategic services separately to help organizations plan social in the workplace and roll out to your constituent communities. The company's CEO, Anthony Zingale, talked about Jive's unique ability to execute, a claim most organizations would be delighted to have in their skill set.

In an interview on Bloomberg TV, Mr. Zingale suggested "Jive Software sees change the way work gets done." Mr. Zingale is referring to the ability of social software to bring information to you that you don't know exists. Organizations are discovering there are new ways to do business through the combination of strategy and technology, like Jive Software's recipe for today's social workplace.

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