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Adobe Connect 9 Advanced Tools for Managing and Hosting Web Conferences


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Adobe Mobile as Primary Device for Collaboration, File Sharing, & Presentation
Adobe Connect 9 Advanced Tools for Managing and Hosting Web Conferences

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Adobe Systems, Inc. released Adobe Connect® 9 with a bounty of leading web conferencing features. These new web conferencing tools further support managers and instructors ability to standardize performance and outcomes.

Adobe Connect 9 provides a full range of web conference management functions, including:

  1. Ability to host web meetings from mobile primary devices
  2. Customizable templates to design webinar landing pages and emails
  3. Real-time advanced analytics to gauge effectiveness of training and marketing campaigns

But what's happening now that is driving adoption? The immediate use of web conferencing and its applicability that had previously been put to the test is having a profound effect.

In unusual and unexpected places as one might think, such as impromptu meetings across military installations, or conveyance of up-to-date insurance policy regulations across an industry-wide network is demonstrating that web conferencing has become the accepted platform, for collaboration and learning, either by choice or out of necessity.

Outlined on these pages are the Adobe Connect 9 release features.

Mobile 2.0

Mobile as primary device - what does this mean? You can utilize a smart phone or tablet to host web meetings, webinars or eLearning in Adobe Connect 9.

Your mobile facilitation includes whiteboard and annotation tools, document sharing from tablets as well as cloud-based storage and virtual classroom manageability.

A typical example could include training a sales agent in transit. On the go - packed with desktop features, a training or sales manager can get agents prepared for their first call.

Or an instructor who is called out of town can host the online course anywhere as long as there's Internet connectivity.

Web meetings and webinars will be deployed on mobile devices as primary devices because users require the flexibility and mobility to manage these web browser functions. And there is no reason to think this can't be done.

Adobe Connect for mobile devices have been available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices for some time and so users may upgrade to these enhanced hosting capabilities with Connect Mobile 2.0 (Summer 2012).

Adobe's unique architecture for conversion of content on the server without requirements for application installations such as PowerPoint delivers a faster presentation.

As fast as 2 kilobytes per second, this advantage delivers a 'superlight' experience, said Adobe's senior technical evangelist, Peter Ryce, as compared to screensharing that other products do, and that use way too much bandwidth.

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