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Lucidpress Slick Web-based Design App for Novice Users

Easy and Collaborative Design App to Layout and Publish Docs

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Commenting mode in Lucidpress


Templates to choose in Lucidpress

People with little time to fuss designing a print or digital newsletter, report or brochure have a solution using Lucidpress. For students and work groups to collaborate on page layouts and publish easily from a web browser, Lucidpress works like any professional desktop publishing tool but a lot easier to use. Your finished product, in print or digital form, makes a slick presentation tool, even for novice users.

Lucidpress is optimized for use on Google Chrome, but any browser will work, so wherever you have access to content, either Google Drive, your desktop, or other file storage, the text, images, and video can be added to your documents.  

The company, Lucid Software Inc. was first established in 2010 when the founders developed a collaborative diagramming tool called Lucidchart that was an overnight success, estimated now with 1.2 million users. In a similar way, the company anticipates users to quickly adapt to the ease of use in a web-based app. Lucidpress is also categorized as a third party app in Google Drive. 

Who Can Benefit 

  • Marketing groups have a fast solution to produce customized proposal materials quickly, including brochures.  
  • Teachers and instructional designers can develop and collaborate on instructional design materials and lesson plans for class the next day.
  • Students can work together on class projects and turn in digital or print assignments.

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Use with Google Drive 

Lucidpress syncs documents to your Google Drive account to store and access documents while you work in any of the Google Apps as well.  In Google Drive, you can access Lucidpress from a dropdown menu from any browser. 

Accessing Lucidpress documents while you work in Google Drive can give you the added benefit of access as you create content in Google Docs or Apps. Furthermore, Lucidpress has been developed with the same core code as Lucidchart, according to Quinn Morgan, product manager, so you can be rest assured any private information will always be secure.

Easy to Layout and Publish 

The secret to publishing a professional looking report or brochure is not related to the tool you use but keeping your message simple, concise, and lively (and without typos of course!). And for people who do not want to spend endless hours using a more complex page layout tool, Lucidpress can be the  alternative to publishing in Pages or Word, and even InDesign. 

Lucidpress has a small learning curve. You can learn if you want to have more control over page settings and object orientation or even create layers of page or object layouts. Lucidpress will also manage the rendering of fonts in the program.

A summary of features include:

Modes.  Briefly, the layout mode enables you to add pages to your document, and place objects like text boxes, images, video, shapes. Interactive mode is used for linking content objects to pages, for example, launch a video container on another page. Comment mode allows you or others (depending on permissions) to add comments on the various elements of the design layout (or right click on any object to add a comment) and submit replies. Lastly, preview mode allows you to see your work as it will be published (digital or print).

Share and Publish. You can share permissions with other users to edit, view and comment. As mentioned in Modes, you can comment back and forth to resolve design and editorial reviews among your collaborators.

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Image Gallery Manager. Upload images from your computer and other sources like flickr, Facebook, or Dropbox.

Document Presence. Coworkers and fellow students can see whose online and initiate chat.

Templates. Use built-in templates for print or digital materials, like presentations, brochures, invitations, yearbooks, as well as detailed product fact sheets. Your own customized layouts can also be saved as templates for personal and team reuse. 

Work with Teams

You can simply share permissions as mentioned, but also create a team so perhaps you may set permissions differently, from one group to another, to view, edit, own, or comment.

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Free and Low Cost Options  

Lucidpress, currently in beta, is free for everyone, at least until mid 2014. But all users will always have a free version available, and like Lucidchart, paid subscription levels will be modestly priced for any budget.

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