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Binfire Cloud Collaboration is Simplifying Rigors of Project Management

The Bottom Line - Binfire is an Easy to Use Project Collaboration Tool

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Binfire Project Collaboration Tool

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Binfire has designed an online project collaboration tool for dedicated types of professionals working toward project goals. Ideally suited for small to mid-sized teams in any size organization, Binfire simplifies project management practices—in real time. Let’s take a closer look.


  • User interface is easily navigable and overall super easy to use for project management
  • Editable project planning tasks to six levels and reporting in real time
  • Generous file management storage capacity for project team files as well as private files


  • Newer product in the project collaboration tools market than other mature products
  • Maximum users per project in some plans are less than other tools
  • On-screen tool tips and button controls are overly dependent on user intuitiveness


  • Quick set up is designed to make project management seem effortless
  • Project planning tools track tasks, work breakdown structures, and milestones to six levels
  • Collaborative internal or external members share and markup documents and chat in real time
  • One forever free plan and affordable paid plan levels

Guide Review - Conclusion and Recommendations

Binfire is giving users the right project management features to help plan and quickly monitor project progress. Visual cues offer a fresh approach to project management, especially knowing what relevant information project teams need without sidebar distraction. But if users are requiring guidance via context sensitive help, Binfire has an updated blog that gives tips as new program changes and feature rollouts are announced. Phone support is provided for paid plans.

This aspect of a minimalist interface is going to appeal to experienced project managers, especially real time reporting. All things considered, Binfire is one step ahead to give teams the clear cut visibility to better manage and collaborate toward reaching project goals.

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