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AtTask Offers Social Collaboration with Project and Portfolio Management


AtTask, Inc.

AtTask Keep Projects and Teams on Track:

AtTask is an online project and portfolio management (PPM) tool for project information and collaborative work to come together. Smartly designed to automate the project management process, AtTask integrates social collaboration for improved visibility and transparency.

Because of this visible information flow between team members, there is no need to go outside the tool for project communication. At the same time, reporting at all levels of the project organization facilitates accountability so various inputs from engaged team members show progress and the real story that may affect project delivery.

By design, project management tools like AtTask are intended to speed up delivery and accuracy of projects so the products, services, or software that have been planned, designed, and manufactured can be put in the hands of your customers. Delivering business value as quickly as possible is the strategic goal, whether you're managing projects for a construction company, marketing agency, government, or healthcare system.

Often called real time to value, this is a measurement of a project's success, which will also determine your organization's performance. For Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU), as reported on AtTask's website, the IT director stated it's reporting capabilities enabled them to get to market six weeks sooner than other solutions under consideration.

AtTask is On Demand Software:

Depending on which applications you'd like to take advantage of, AtTask's on-demand software, also called Software as a Service (SaaS), includes a set of interrelated business processes:

  • Project and portfolio management to control governance processes
  • Resource management to manage workload and forecasting
  • Task management to manage work in one central location
  • Request management to track bugs and help desk requests
Among several distinguished awards, AtTask has been named to the Leaders quadrant in the Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based Project and Portfolio Management Services.

Best uses of AtTask:

AtTask shows these best uses to get work done.

Communicating with the team. Social networking and collaborative features in real-time facilitate communication and document sharing along with version control needs.

Visible project information across the entire project. One centralized location for project information speeds up access to data and files, including Microsoft Project, Office and PDF files and images, like process diagrams and drawing files.

Adjusting the schedule. Timelines are accessible for everybody so this helps make decisions quicker, for hiring, moving resources around and forecasting.

Popular Features in AtTask:

Depending on your role, each of the views will have different information elements to keep on top of your projects.

For Team Members

Team Home. Team members will use Team Home because it provides complete visibility of: what you’re working on and drilling in to log hours, the stream of status updates and issues as they come up, work requests to respond to, and calendar timeline that shows you by day what’s due.

Stream. What I like about the Stream is the position on the left column, just as one would read, left to right. You can easily read what’s going on and add comments, but then quickly focus in the middle of your worklist, in the center.

For Project Managers

My Projects. For project managers, you will have a dashboard to create, plan, and execute projects. The view of your projects shows anticipated completion dates, percent complete, status, priority and flags.

My Updates. The project managers and sponsors can be informed and make accurate decisions from this centralized view of real-time status updates. The team’s proposed dates on work items show up so a project manager can determine whether changes affect the project plan and respond accordingly.

Interactive Gantt Chart. In real time, the project manager can view and move work items around on the interactive Gantt chart to provide immediate feedback to the team on proposed changes.

Project Status. The project manager can select a top level view of all the projects for the project sponsors, including the team’s qualitative comments, project hours to date, and costs to be better informed to make decisions.

Built in Tools and Device Platforms:

Templates, customizable forms and dashboards, and a business case builder give you ways to plan and customize your project workflows.

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available.

AtTask can be integrated with Outlook to track and update tasks.

AtTask is available in 7 languages.

Additional Services:

AtTask provides an online user community, learning center, and weekly scheduled education courses. Additional services include AtTask Global Services of implementation specialists and Technical Consulting Services of consultants and educators.

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